P. S. Dreams…
Kamburova Theatre
New stage, Large Hall

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Concert-Fantasy (based on the songs of Robert Schumann abd Franz Schubert), running time: 1 h 20 m, prime January 10, 2003
Ticket price range 700—5000 rub.
  • Staging, space, movement — Ivan Popovski
  • Costume design — Irina Yutanina
  • Lighting — Vladislav Frolov
  • Composer — Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann
  • Musical version by — Oleg Sinkin, Alexander Marchenko
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May, 20, 19:00

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«…sometimes everything looks so surprising in the poet's heart — the screaming disonnances that make up life are softened by the soothing qualities of art, although often art again envelopes joy in a dark, long blanket, so that it can't be seen so openly…»
from the letters of Robert Schumann

In July 2003, the play was performed at the Skopje Ohrid Summer Festival in Macedonia, where it won the Grand Prix.

Characters and Cast

  • Singers:
  •  Elena VeremeenkoAnna Komova
  • Singers
  • Actor Evgeniya Kurova
  • Musicians:
  • keyboardOleg Sinkin
  • guitarVyacheslav Golikov
  • bass guitarSergei Meritukov
  • flute
  • Actor