Kamburova Theatre
New Stage, Small Hall

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composition for theater set to music by J.S. Bach, running time: 1 h 15 m, prime December 18, 2012
Ticket price range 500—5000 rub.
  • Stage direction, movement, set design concept — Ivan Popovski
  • Union of artists — Ivan Popovski, Yulia Mikheeva, Konstantin Lebedev, Nina Klimovskaya
  • Video — Yulia Mikheeva, Stepan Polivanov
  • Lighting designer — Vladislav Frolov
  • Ass. director — Viktoriya Chernenko
  • Musical transcription — Oleg Sinkin
  • Sound — Zaliya Valeeva, Vyacheslav Kalika
  • Light — Anton Litvinov
  • Makeup — Yekaterina Krakovskaya, Julia Khestanova
  • Costumes — Elena Kuznetsova, Irina Romanova
  • Props — Olga Sedova, Liliya Malysheva
Upcoming Performances

May, 25, 19:00

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Performing and listening to Bach’s music, we speak to Eternity. Bach in theater? What stage devices can be used to support this conversation without bringing it down? Paradoxically, stage director Ivan Popovski found the objective metaphor for eternity, and it predicated the performance’s stage design, and gave it its name — earth, the dust, from which we are born and to which we return, the sand, the grains of eternity, the endless movement, and the constant cycle… The singers meet with musicians, music with earth, light with darkenss, and stories for theater are born, to each actor and guest his own. Ivan Popovski’s generous imagination gifts the guests with a perpetual succession of vivid and potent visual images, but leaves plenty of room for their own imagination and interpretation. The theater’s Musical Director Oleg Sinkin has arranged a composition out of fragments of Bach’s famous choral and instrumental pieces, there are 7 musicians and 5 singers on stage, each with his own complicated movement, and at times it becomes totally unclear how the theatrical performance fits together with the German genius’ strictly measured music without disturbing its rhythm! To counter any possible questions, the theater’s administration decided to add a short explanation to the program: there is no pre-recorded soundtrack, and all of the music is performed live.

Characters and Cast

  • Singers:
  •  Elena VeremeenkoAnna KomovaEvgeniya KurovaYevgeny AstafurovAnton BabichevAnton IvanovDmitriy KuznetsovAndrey Nikiforov
  • Musicians:
  •  Oleg SinkinTimur VorotnikovAnastasia BaevaTatyana MaslennikovaTair KhisambeevLada MorozovaVasiliy DevyakovichMikhail KovalkovYanis KhaditakisAleksei YanenkoElizabeth BugrimenkoYelena SlobodchikovaPyotr TishkovNataliya AbramovaPeter BugrimenkoEvgeniy Evtukhov