Yelena Kasatkina

Head of the Literature and Drama Department
Elena graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute with degree in philology, and later completed her graduate studies at the Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Before joining Fomenko Workshop Theater, Elena taught Italian at the Gorky Literature Institute, Russian State University for the Humanities, and the International University. She was also a reviewer for the “Novy Mir” magazine, an interpreter at the NICE film festival, and coordinator of the Brodsky Foundation. Elena has translated the works of Brodsky, Nabokov, Calasso, and Pirandello. Member of the Moscow Association of Literati since 1996. Together with photographer Katya Golitsyna, Elena had published a photo album entitled “Pyotr Fomenko Rehearses Pushkin”. Joined the theater’s team in 2007.
Upcoming Performances

June, 23, 19:00


New stage, Large Hall

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July, 26, 19:00

New stage, Large Hall

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  • Yelena Kasatkina

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