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Foreign-language spectators, as well as spectators with hearing impairments, may now fully enjoy performances at the Fomenko Studio. The theater has developed a system of subtitles that individual spectators may access on electronic tablets. At present this service is available for several productions on the Main Stage. More shows are being added all the time.

How Does it Work?

Upon arriving at the theater the spectator is issued an electronic tablet that displays subtitles in one of several available languages during the actual performance. At present the theater has at its disposal 20 such electronic tablets that are equipped with the FOMA 2012 system of subtitling. Each tablet has a wireless connection to the theater’s sound booth where a specialist controls the flow of subtitles in sync with the real time performance.

Subtitles are currently available for the following shows:

The subtitles have been created by professional translators and native speakers.

How Do I Participate?

Those desiring to take advantage of the subtitle service should:

  • Check the theater’s website to find what productions are available in various languages;
  • When purchasing your ticket, inform the salesperson that you wish to have access to an electronic tablet with subtitles. Provide the date of your planned visit and include your name, email address and a working telephone number. If you purchase tickets online, please inform the theater of your intentions (NOT LESS THAN 1 DAY BEFORE THE DATE OF YOUR VISIT) by calling +7 (495) 645-33-19 or +7 (499) 249-17-40.
  • On the day of the show arrive at the theater at least 15 minutes prior to curtain time;
  • Bring your passport!
  • Upon entering the theater, inform the staff that you intend to use an electronic tablet;
  • An administrator will provide you with a tablet in exchange for your passport, which will be held in a special safe that requires two keys to open. The administrator will hold one key during the performance, you will hold the other;
  • After the performance return the electronic tablet to the administrator and you will be taken to the safe where your passport will be returned.

Enjoy the show!


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