Yevgenia Dmitrieva

Graduated from the Shchepkin Higher Theater School (workshop of the Honoured Artist of Russia N. Vereshchenko) in 1994, and was immediately accepted into the company of the Maly Theater. In addition to working in the theater, she acted in productions of Oleg Menshikov’s “Theater Partnership 814.” Today, Yevgenia Dmitrieva collaborates with several theaters, and acts in the following productions: “All Days Are Not Alike” based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s “Difficult Days” (Maly Theater), Charles Dickens’ “Pickwik Club” (Chekhov Moscow Art Theater), Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” (Chekhov Festival production), Volodin’s “Five Evenings” (Fomenko Workshop Theater) — and others. She is also an active film and TV actress.

Yevgenia Dmitrieva taught acting technique at the Shchepkin Higher Theater School from 1995 to 2013.
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July, 23, 19:00

Old Stage, Gray Hall

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