Faryatyev's Fantasies
Old Stage, Gray Hall

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Running time: 2 h, prime February 1, 2014
Ticket price range 1000—10000 rub.
  • Author — Alla Sokolova
  • Director — Vera Kamyshnikova
  • Stage Design — Maria Tregubova
  • Design — Anna Rumyantseva
  • Lighting Design — Vladislav Frolov
  • Video Designer — Yulia Mikheeva
  • Choreographer — Ramune Khodorkaite
  • Stage Manager — Yelena Lukianchikova
  • Music Coach — Marina Raku
  • Light — Anna Inozemtseva, Pavel Tyapkin
  • Sound — Sergei Zverev, Anton Agrikolyansky, Denis Zabiyaka
  • Make-up — Anna Meleshko, Larisa Gerasimchuk, Svetlana Guguchkina, Viktoria Starikova
  • Costumes — Valeria Kurochkina, Anna Belan, Irina Frolova , Elvira Suleimanova
  • Property crew — Alla Sedakova, Natalia Zaritskaya, Ksenia Plotnikova
  • Property maker — Alexander Khovansky, Tatiana Khovanskaya
  • Joiners — Alexander Gorshkov, Andrei Sergeev
  • Stage-hands — Vitaly Metlin, Sergei Veselov, Pavel Karpushkin, Alexander Ryabtsev, Nikolai Tkach
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July, 6, 19:00

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July, 31, 19:00

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This is a story of people who forgot how to listen to and understand others, who no longer know how to love each other. They are only capable of love in their fantasies, and so they dream of love, avoiding each other’s eyes. But real life, which these people had so tried to ignore behind their dark glasses, mercilessly pops the bubbles of fantasies whenever it they meet.
Alla Sokolova’s play, on which the 1979 film by Ilya Averbach was based, tells of the starry-eyed and soft-hearted dentist Faryatyev who believes in aliens. He falls in love with Sasha, who is both not of this world and arrogant, both exuberant and rational, and contradictory all around. Such archetypes are a regular occurence in the stage plays of this theater, and the company has a number of contenders for any of the roles. The play is full of fine and delicate, tender and witty language, the fast moving pace of feelings, and the abiding faith in miracles. This is Fomenko Theater at its best.
Nikolai Berman,

Characters and Cast

  • Formerly in the cast:
  • Sasha
    Polina Kutepova
  • Their ReflectionsYelena Lukianchikova

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