Encounters in the Universe of Good-byes
Oleg Kudriashov Workshop, GITIS

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The poets and actresses of the 1920s and 1930s… Dancing in the era of the Great Experiment in Russia., running time: 3 h 20 m
Last performed September 7, 2021
  • Idea. Composition. Directing — Svetlana Zemlyakova
  • Costume designer — Denis Sazonov
  • Assistant to costume designer —
  • Light designer — Vladislav Frolov
  • Moments of dancing — Natalia Shurganova
  • Stage manager — , Filipp Gurevich
  • Video editing — Kirill Korneichuk
The Old stage of our theater is hosting performance of a concert production, based on the class assignment of Oleg Kudryashov’s workshop at the Russian Theater Academy.

The production is part of the project by Studio 711, an autonomous non-profit organization in support of culture and education.
“Encounters in the Universe of Good-byes” gives us three hours in the backstage of souls of the great poets and actresses: Alisa Koonen, Anna Barkova and Anatoly Lunacharsky, Natalya Konchalovskaya and Pavel Vasilyev. This is the era of the Constructivists — Vera Ibner, Ilya Selvinsky, Eduard Bagritsky — and the OBERIU collective — Daniil Kharms, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Alexander Vvedensky. These are the stories of Olga Bergholz and Boris Kornilov, Daniil Kharms and Klavdia Pugacheva. And, finally, this is Tiflis of the Futurists, the first blush of youth and a riot of colour, where Sofya Melnikova turns the heads of Alexei Kruchenykh, Igor Terentyev, Ilya Zdanevich, and Vasily Kamensky. This stroll, full of music and poetry, on the threshold of the tragic epoch brings us to the very core of the artistic Avant-garde.
Theater Canteen

Concert program and performers:

  • 1. “In the circle of loneliness” — from the diaries of Alisa Koonen.
  • Alisa KoonenVera Kolesnikova
  • 2. “How Anna went to the Kremlin” — poems and letters Anna Barkova and Anatoly Lunacharsky.
  • Anna BarkovaMariya Tukhar
  • A. V. LunacharskyGleb Merkulov
  • 3. “Story of one poem” — Pavel Vasiliev “Poems in Natalia’s honour”; from the memoirs of Natalia Konchalovskaya “Magic and diligence”; poems by Pavel Vasiliev.
  • Natalya KonchalovskayaNatalya Sapozhnikova
  • Pavel VasilievIvan Borisov
  • 4. “Little Vera” (the Constructivists)
  • Vera InberDarya Konyzheva
  • Ilya SelvinskiyArseny Sergeev
  • Eduard BagritskiyEvgeniy Zasetskiy
  • 5. “Walks” — poems and prose by Daniil Kharms, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Alexander Vvedensky.
  • Daniik KharmsPyotr Alekseenko
  • Nikolay ZabolotskiyIlya Nikulin
  • Aleksandr VvedenskiyIgor Kuznetsov
  • 6. “Why did I meet you, my dear” — diaries of Olga Bergholz, poems by Olga Bergholz and Boris Kornilov.
  • Olga BerggoltsElizaveta Yankovskaya
  • Boris KornilovKirill Korneichuk
  • 7. “How about some Gypsy music?” — story of correspondence between Daniil Kharms and Klavdia Pugacheva.
  • Klavdia PugachevaDina Gubaidullina
  • Daniil KharmsPyotr Alekseenko
  • 8. “The Futurist muse”
  • Sofya MelnikovaMusia Totibadze
  • Aleksey KruchenykhDmitry Simonov
  • Igor TerentyevPavel Karpov
  • Ilya ZdanevichGleb Merkulov
  • Vasiliy KamenskiyVladislav Tashbulatov

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