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Running time: 3 h 20 m, prime February 17, 2006
Last performed November 16, 2020
  • Author — Eugene Ionesco
  • Director — Ivan Popovski
  • Stage and Costume Design — Angelina Atlagich
  • Constructive Stage Design — Konstantin Lebedev
  • Lighting Design — Vladislav Frolov
  • Properties — Irina Bachurina
  • Costume Design Assistant — Sergei Bartoshevich
  • Translation — Liya Zaviyalova
  • Choreographer — Valentina Gurevich
  • Stage Manager — Yulia Kamysheva, Olga Lopach
  • Musical Setting — Oleg Lyubimov
One fine day, the slow-paced life of a little French town is irreparably changed, as its residents overnight begin to transform into rhinos. There is only one weak and spineless individual who fails to conform to the new trend. How easy is it to remain yourself in the world ruled by collective truths? Can one person avoid the authority of the majority? How and why does the collective consciousness mutate?
The ideas of Eugene Ionesco’s plays can often be reduced to a single fantastical formula, but in order to turn them into a stage production, director requires a rich imagination and the mastery of psychological theater techniques. Ivan Popovski has both.
Olga Fuks, Vechernyaya Moskva

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