Anastasia Sergeeva

Deputy Head of the Literature and Drama Department
Anastasia graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1996 with degree in applied mathematics, and then completed her studies at the Russian University of Theater Arts receiving a degree in theater history. As a journalist writing about theater, Anastasia had published her articles in “New Gazette“, “Literature Gazette“, and “Stage and Screen“ newspapers, and in magazines such as “Razgulyai”, „Stage”, „Planet of Beauty”, and others. She is the author of the two-volume anthology of articles about Fomenko Workshop stage productions entitled „Collected Works”. Anastasia has been with the theater from the first days of its existence, since 1993. She has been employed at various times as a janitor, ticket collector, property-mistress, and literary director. Anastasia currently works at the Literature department and reads lectures on theater history for the children.
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  • Vladimir Zuev
  • Anastasia Sergeeva

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