A journey into theatre history

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A lecture about theatre for children, running time: 1 h 20 m, prime March 20, 2016
Ticket price range 750—750 rub.
The Fomenko Workshop Theatre inaugurates a new project — lectures about theatre for children.
Several times each month we will invite our young audience to embark on a grand theatrical journey. Together we will discover the difference between wings and masking borders, what a batten is, and why a stage needs a side-stage. We will learn the theatre configurations of the Ancient Greeks; we will see a performance of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre; we will learn about the operating principles of machines in baroque theatre and much, much more.
Boys and girls from 7 to 11 years of age are invited along with their parents. Groups will consist of 30 participants.
The author and guide of the journey is Anastasia Sergeeva, a theatre historian and a member of the Literary Department of the Fomenko Workshop Theatre.



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