Boris Berezovsky, Nikita Borisoglebsky

Piano, violin, running time: 2 h
Last performed May 23, 2016
On May 23 Boris Berezovsky (piano) and Nikita Borisoglebsky (violin) will perform a concert in the Large Hall of the New Stage building.
The program will consist of compositions by Hungarian composer Béla Bartók:
Three etudes for piano, Sz. 72
Sonata for violin and piano № 1, Sz. 75
Rhapsody for violin and piano, Sz. 87
Sonata for piano № 1, Sz. 80
Hungarian folk dances for violin and piano, Sz. 56

Boris Berezovsky:
“I’m really in love with theatre, I consider it a unique phenomenon and I learn a lot from it. Theatre makes our life vivid, every person becomes a little more ‘theatrical’ after watching a performance. In the Fomenko Workshop Theatre I was lucky to see plays that somehow changed my view of life: One Absolutely Happy Village, Wolves and Sheep, Alice Through the Looking Glass and many others, but every time it was a new surprise and revelation. That is why giving a concert on this stage is a great pleasure for me. The audience here is special and ‘theatrical,’ which I really appreciate and love. And I’m happy to become a little part of the ‘army’ of people who serve the theatre art.”

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