Henry IV. Scenes
The Boris Schukin Theatre Institute

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Running time: 2 h 30 m
Last performed July 31, 2017
  • Author — William Shakespeare
  • Director — Kirill Pirogov
  • Scenographer — Maksim Obrezkov
  • Assistant to Scenographer — Mariya Meleshko
  • Light designer — Vladislav Frolov
  • Assistant to Light Designer — Anton Orlov
  • Translator — Evgenia Birukova
  • Ass. director — Yulia Kamysheva
  • Sound producer — Leonid Zvolinsliy, Vyacheslav Kalika
The Large hall of our theater will welcome the staging of production, based on a the graduation play of Shchukin Theater School’s actors. The graduates of the department of stage acting (course taught by A. Koruchekov, class of 2016) perform in the play staged by Kirill Pirogov.

The production is part of the project by Studio 711, an autonomous non-profit organization in support of culture and education.
With the first of the play’s sallies, you recognize the familiar tone, unusual for the Shchukin stage. This is how Fomenko actors talk — with clear pronounciation of consonants at the end of the words (Fomenko taught his actors to “fall in love with the letters”), but without hard punctuation within the sentences, with a truly musical interchange of phrases, which creates a sensation of verbal “lace.” Kirill Pirogov succeeded in teaching the basics of this science to his pupils.

Screen and Stage newspaper

Characters and Cast

  • The RumorAnastasiya Golikova
  • Henry,
    Prince of Wales
    Nikolai Lihanov
  • King Henry the FourthSergey Kotukh
  • Harry Percy,
    surnamed Hotspur
    Yan Gakharmanov
  • Sir John FalstaffAleksander Fokin
  • PoinsDanila Gnido
  • BardolphDanil Mozhaev
  • GadshillMark Burlai
  • Mistress Quickly,
    hostess of the Boar's Head Tavern
    Elizaveta Leibenzon
  • Doll TearsheetEvgeniya Ivashova
  • Ancient PistolYan Gakharmanov
  • First servantSergey Kotukh
  • Second servantMark Burlai

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