December 5,

Zvezda Teatrala / Theatergoer Star Award

“A Midsummer Night's Dream” production secured a victory in two nominations of the people’s award Zvezda Teatrala / Theatergoer Star:
Grand Prix — Best Large Scale Production;
Irina Gorbacheva won the statuette for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Elena.
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for us. Congratulations to the whole team!

November 25,

Concert by Boris Berezovsky and Dmitry Masleev

On March 5, 2017, the New Stage of Fomenko Workshop Theater will host a concert performed by two outstanding contemporary musicians, Boris Berezovsky and Dmitry Masleev. They will perform works by Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok, and Anton Arensky. This is the second time that our Steinway grand pianos will be on stage simultaneously.

November 18,

KudaGo Prize for «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» stage play

A Midsummer Night’s Dream was named the “Best Stage Play” by the KudaGo Prize. KudoGo is the largest leisure advice community on Russian social media. This performance has been called “a pill from the universal grief and overwhelming mundanity.” Visit a theater instead of your local pharmacy.

November 17,

Guest performance of The Poisoned Tunic in Krasnoyarsk

The Poisoned Tunic stage play is going on tour to Krasnoyarsk. On November 26, we’ll be performing on stage of the Krasnoyarsk Pushkin Drama Theater as part of Oleg Rybkin’s literary-and-theatrical project “We Had Turned the Course of History”.

November 15,

December premiere of Spaniards in Denmark

We are happy to announce the upcoming premiere, Spaniard in Denmark, directed by Kirill Pirogov. Pre-premiere shows will run on November 29 and 30, and December 18 and 20. The opening night will be on December 27, at the theater’s Old Stage. Tickets are for sale at the theater ticket office and by phone: +7 499 249‑17‑40.

October 18,

Exhibition of Works by Eric Bulatov

On October 25, contemporary artist Eric Bulatov had opened an exhibition of his works in the foyer of Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theater’s New Stage. Bulatov’s name is inextricably entwined with the concept of Soviet Pop Art, of which he is one of the founders. His works are found in museums and galleries all over the world, from Louvre and Pompidou Centre to Moscow’s Manege and Garazh gallery, they are sought out by private collectors and sold at large auctions. Eric Bulatov’s exhibition will run through the end of December, and is open to all the guests of the New Stage performances.

May 6,

New subtitles for our performances

We now have new subtitles for foreign guests of the Fomenko Workshop Theatre. “Rhinoceros“ and “Heartbreak House” are available with German subtitles, as is „Midsummer Night's Dream” with English and Russian subtitles (for spectators with hearing impairments).
We are very pleased that our system of subtitles on hand-held tablets has already helped hundreds of spectators who do not speak in Russian to attend our performances.
The tablets for subtitles are free, but you must inform us that you plan to attend the theatre three days before the show you plan to see. Learn more about the full list of performances with subtitles and what you need to use the service on ourwebsite.

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