March 27,

Premiere of the Captain Fracasse stage production

We are happy to announce that on May 19, the New stage of the Fomenko Workshop Theater will host the opening night of the Captain Fracasse stage production based on Théophile Gautier’s adventure novel. Stage direction by Evgeny Kamenkovich.

Pre-premiere shows will be on May 17 and 18. The first performances will be on May 19, 26 and 31, as well as June 9, 14, 19 and 20.
All details and tickets are available online.

February 3,

Amphitryon goes to France

Amphitryon stage production was born out of a number of theater workshops organized at the Fomenko Workshop Theater by the French stage director Christophe Rauck and his team. On January 31, a landing party of French theater luminaries came to the theater for the first show. The result of this visit was an invitation for a guest performance of the stage production in France.

Today we are ready to announce that between mid-April and June Amphitryon won't be found in Moscow. But you'll be able to see it in:
Lille (Théâtre du Nord) on May 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, and 17
Paris (Théâtre Gérard Philipe Centre Dramatique National, TGP) on May 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24.

Don't forget to alert your friends in France.

And in Moscow, the show is still on, and we await you in our theater on February 16 and 21, as well as on March 1, 8, 14, and 22, and April 2, 9, 15, and 16.

Detailed information and tickets.

January 26,

First run of the Amphitryon stage production

On January 31, February 2, 3, 8, 16 and 21, and March 1, 8, 14 and 22, we are proud to present the first run of the Fomenko Workshop Theater’s new stage production Amphitryon based on Molière’s play.
The stage production was born from collaboration between our theater and the French stage director Christophe Rauck (Théâtre du Nord, Lille), who came to Russia to share his wealth of experience and organize several workshops with his team.
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