September 11,

The 26th season is now open

To mark the opening of the new 26th season, the entire theater company got together on September 11. After summing up the results of the previous anniversary season, the conversation turned to plans for the future.

While the 25th season was dominated by contemporary drama, the new one once again puts the emphasis on the classics. The theater’s artistic director Yevgeny Kamenkovich, together with stage designer Alexander Borovsky, is starting to work on William Shakespeare’s King Lear. The Workshop Theater also plans to stage Chekhov’s Seagull under direction of Kirill Pirogov. Polina Airapetova is working on a play based on Thomas Mann’s early prose. And the theater is collaborating with stage director and choreographer Oleg Glushkov on the stage fantasy play The Mystery of Charles Addams.

This year, the Workshop welcomes the fourth generation of interns, while the actors from the third internship have joined the theater’s company in full force.

There can’t be new encounters without some farewells. This season will become the final one for the Ulysses. After its hundredth show, the stage play will be removed from the theater’s repertory.

The “special projects” that include the cinema club, recitals, poetry readings and lectures will continue in the 2018-2019 season. The up-to-date schedule can be found in the “Notperformance” rubric on our website.

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