Andrei Kazakov

Distinguished Artist of Russia
Andrei was born in Latvia and grew up in Lithuania. He is a master of sports in acrobatics. In the beginning of his career, he worked in a circus as equilibrist and equestrian acrobat. In Leningrad, Andrei trained at the school of restoration as a mahogany worker, and then took classes at a theater studio.

In 1988, he was accepted to the Russian Theater Academy’s department of stage acting and directing, to Pyotr Fomenko workshop. Andrei has been a part of Fomenko Workshop Theater since the moment of its establishment.

  • Awards
  • Stanislavsky Award for the role of Casanova in The Adventure, 1998
  • at the 13th Moscow Traineeational Advetising Festival, he was named “Face of the Year” for his part in the series of Nescafe ads “Arctic explorers,” 2003 
  • laureate of Chaika theater prize in the “Synchronized swimming” category as part of the cast of Three Sisters production, 2004

Appears in many films and TV shows.



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