Ruslan and Lyudmila
New Stage, Small Hall

Running time: 2 h 30 m, prime March 15, 2014
Ticket price range 1000—5000 rub.
  • Author — Alexander Pushkin
  • Director and Text adaptation — Mikhail Krylov
  • Designer — Vladimir Maximov
  • Costume Design — Anna Belan
  • Сonsultant  — Anna Buravtseva
  • Lighting Design — Vladislav Frolov
  • Movement  — Ramune Khodorkaite
  • Stage Manager — Olga Lopach
  • Teacher — Valius Tertelis
Upcoming Performances

June, 17, 14:00

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June, 25, 14:00

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July, 22, 14:00

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This is a stage adaptation of the well-known poem by Alexander Pushkin. The game here is an instrument of comprehending the world. The world is a “make-believe,” full of false beards and non-menacing monsters. A broom becomes a knight’s stead, and a bucket is turned into a helmet. Everything in this production is about playing with conventions, improvisation, and rowdiness, and there’s a whole lot of laughter, mostly at oneself.
“Ruslan and Lyudmila” is an effervescent stage failrytale for children and adults… and essensce of the game is the game itself.
Galina Shmatova, Screen and Stage

Characters and Cast

  • Cast for
  • all
  • June 17
  • June 25

Plus: Maidens, Moors, Mermaids, Invisible Forces.

Production Supervisor — Yevgeny Kamenkovich


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