Family Happiness
New stage, Large Hall

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A stage composition of the novella by Leo Tolstoy., running time: 2 h 40 m, prime September 20, 2000
Ticket price range 500—15000 rub.
  • Author — Leo Tolstoy
  • Dramatized and directed by — Pyotr Fomenko
  • Stage Designer — Vladimir Maximov
  • Costume design — Maria Danilova
  • Costume Design Assistant — Sergei Bartoshevich
  • Designer — Irina Bachurina
  • Choreography — Valentina Gurevich
  • Music designer — Galina Pokrovskaya
  • Teacher — Vera Kamyshnikova
ВНИМАНИЕ! Во время действия спектакля, выполняя поставленные режиссёром творческие задачи и ремарки автора, артисты курят на сцене. Просим учесть эту информацию, планируя посещение данного спектакля.
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In the early Leo Tolstoy novel, written in 1859, the love story of Masha and Sergei Mikhailovich, the unending succession of variations in “family happiness,” is told through extensive monologues of the heroine. On stage, these images are presented in the form of home tea parties, playing the grand piano, the “quiet happiness” between the piano and the window. It’s like musical variations, full of light, sadness, hope, and hopelessness. The questions, which torment the play’s heroine, are not as simple as may seem at first glance: “Happiness is to live for the other… But why for the other, if you don’t even want to live for yourself?..”
Theater reviews rarely use the word “enlightment”, but after seeing “Family Happiness” at the Fomenko Workshop, you want to remember the word “enlightment” in its very basic and simple sense. Your soul lightens.
Inna Solovyeva, Theater magazine

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