The School for Wives
Old Stage, Green Hall

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The Trials and Mistakes project, running time: 2 h 30 m, prime December 22, 2015
Ticket price range 1000—10000 rub.
  • Author — Molière
  • Director — Mikhail Krylov
  • Stage Designe — Maria Mitrofanova
  • Costume Designe — Yevgeniya Panfilova
  • Costume Design Assistant — Tamara Eeshba
  • Light Designe  — Vladislav Frolov
  • Dance Coach — Alister Khasanov
  • Stage Manager — Yulia Verzunova
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July, 17, 19:00

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Translated by Vasily Gippius.
Text redacted by the theatre.

Arnolphe is a middle-aged gentleman, who call himself “de La Souche “ to make himself appear aristocratic. He plans to marry his ward Agnes. Arnolphe is terrified of being betrayed by women and, for many years, he kept the girl locked up in order to “educate” her as „a good wife.” However, youth and true love naturally win out in this story about family relations in the French style.

Mikhail Krylov's production is filled with improvisations. It seems as if scenes come into being out of nothing. This is the acting profession, pure and simple. Chances are, Moliere's troupe performed the same way — inventing on-the-go, having fun, enjoying each other and the public. Krylov made this production about love and, first of all, about love for theater, but not for a dusty, velvet-draped theatre. His “School for Wives” is about being in love with the theatrical craft, about the ability to believe in, and to find, theatre everywhere.
Everything is trying to tell us that this is not a story from the past, it’s a make-believe. This make-believe is sparkling, charming, and light. Technically the actors tell a story of love. In practice, it’s a story about their beloved theater and the ability to see it in the most mundane things and old-fashioned stories.
Natalya Vitvitskaya, Vash dosug

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