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Composition after novels by Ivan Bunin “Heinrich”, “Riverside Inn”, “Natalie”, “Madrid”, running time: 2 h, prime September 19, 2013
Ticket price range 1000—7000 rub.
  • Author — Ivan Bunin
  • Director — Yury Titov
  • Designer — Valentina Ostankovich
  • Lighting Design — Vladislav Frolov
  • Stage Manager — Tatyana Seredina, Yulia Verzunova
  • Musical Setting — Olga Fedorova
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October, 25, 19:00

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November, 26, 19:00

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December, 20, 19:00

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Short meetings, coming up from the fog of memory — twilight in a hotel room, drab railway car compartment, a loud tavern with tablecloths that smell of soap, a streetlamp on the boulevard, a night illuminated by lightning, spent in an old house… Love atones for all of the sins and mistakes, and transforms the dirty tavern, the drab compartment, and the small room in a cheap hotel.
“Last Trysts” is Bunin’s “Dark Avenues” read and retold by a young man. And this is very important for comprehension of this production. Whereas Ivan Bunin writes and speaks of those long gone, Yuri Titov stages a story of the present. The director savours every moment in life of his still alive and still happy protagonists. And the word “still” is actually quite out of place here.
Asya Ivanova, Evening Moscow

Characters and Cast

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  • October 25

Plus: the Headwaiter, the Railroad Employee, Waiters, People in a tavern, Guests at a ball, People at a funeral, a Salesman etc.

Production Supervisor — Yevgeny Kamenkovich