Ilya Lyubimov

Ilya’s acting career began in 1988, at the Young Muscovite Theater, where he was a part of the company until 1993. In 1993, he was accepted to the Russian Theater Academy’s department of stage acting and directing, to Pyotr Fomenko’s workshop. Today, he works at the Fomenko Workshop Theater.

  • Awards
  • Chaika theater prize in “Some Like It Hot” category (duet with Ksenia Kutepova in the “Family Happiness” production), 2000
  • laureate of Moskovsky Komsomolets theater prize in the “Newcomers” category (best episodic role of Franz in the “One Absolutely Happy Village” production), 2001

Ilya became a popular actor after playing one of the main characters on the TV show Not Born Beautiful (2005). To this day, he does a lot of movies.



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